Title l Identification Process

    What is the identification process for Title l?

    Classroom teachers in RSU #71 use various assessments routinely to document student progress. Assessment results are part of the identification process for Title l. Teacher observation and classroom performance are other considerations for identification for Title l. Based on a risk assessment score given to each student using the assessment data, Title I staff determine if a student will qualify for services. Generally, the lowest 20% of students not receiving special education services will be identified and prioritized to receive services. Occasionally, students are prioritized according to resources. Students exit the Title l program when they achieve established  grade level benchmarks. However, if the student regresses, he or she will be reconsidered for Title l services. A parent may also contact the school and ask about Title l services for their child. The school will use the above mentioned processes to determine whether the child meets the criteria to receive Title l services.

         Parent Referrals

        The principal will place an article in each school's first and mid-year newsletter or on the school                       website informing  parents that they may make referral for their child to be assessed to see if they                qualify for Title l supplemental literacy or math services (K-5).  Parent referrals will be acted upon as they         are received. The school team will determine eligibility.