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RSU #71


Roles and Responsibilities

To help all children achieve high standards . . .

Parents will…

  • know what’s expected of your child academically and socially

  • attend child’s parent/teacher conferences (fall and spring)

  • read communications from school (progress notes, report cards, policies)

  • communicate with teachers about your child’s life (interests, problems and concerns)

  • set aside a time and place to complete homework

  • support education through volunteer activities (PTG and school events)

  • follow school routines and know classroom expectations

  • attend school events that promote student and parent learning

Teachers will…..

  • make curriculum guides and learning results available to parents

  • discuss student progress using assessment results and student work

  • get to know the learner and teach to their strengths

  • communicate in a timely manner any concerns about student progress

  • send work home that provides opportunities to practice skills

  • provide opportunities for parents to participate in school activities

  • support students so that they come to school ready to learn

  • plan events that promote student and parent learning

Students will….

  • understand learning targets and work toward them

  • be aware of their progress and what they need to work on

  • bring home communications (home/school folder)

  • learn to communicate needs, share interests and concerns

  • complete homework assignments and return to school

  • learn to work with a variety of peers and adults

  • come to school ready to learn

  • Read nightly